Idiot's Guide to Blockchain

What the heck is a "bit of coin?"

- me, not so long ago


Fellow idiots,

If you’re like me, you keep hearing about blockchain -- maybe your grandma just bought her first NFT, maybe your bestie is kicking himself for spending 10 bitcoin on a song in 2010, maybe you’ve gotten trapped on a date with a metaverse evangelist.

And maybe you’re just wondering what the heck any of this stuff means, and you’re looking for a place to start.

You're in the right place.

I created Idiot's Guide to Blockchain to:

  1. Organize my notes about the cool things I was learning

  2. Share my journey

  3. Help others get started

Welcome, and get excited.

It's only just the beginning.

Affectionately yours,

Idiot in Chief

Why Idiots?

"Common sense" just doesn't exist yet in a world we're making up as we go along.

To paraphrase Merriam-Webster:

Idiot originally meant “ignorant person,” but now means a person who lacks common sense.

Web 3.0 is still in a nascent state, and none of us know definitively what works and what doesn't, the "common sense" for the next generation of the internet. And we won't for a long time.

The best part? We're all in this together.

We're all idiots here.

I'm not a blockhead, I'm on blockchain!